In one-on-one conversations with district administrators, listening to conference panelists, and in formal and informal gatherings at industry events, anecdotal evidence surfaced of the unique challenges women face in ascending to a superintendent’s position—and, once there, managing some form of work-life balance. Simultaneously, concepts of mindful leadership and emotional intelligence were gaining a stronger presence in our educational and national vocabularies. Since this 2018 research these values have gained even stronger traction.

After conversations with members of our inaugural Power Trip advisory board, state administrator and technology organizations, and a range of diverse stakeholders, we took a serious look at the needs of female district leaders and acted on them. The 2019 Power Trip Well-Being and Leadership Summit was the result: a gathering to address the unique challenges of women superintendents and district leaders to achieve personal and professional balance, while effectively driving curriculum and cultural change district-wide. The setting at Lake Austin Spa Resort provided the perfect—and peaceful—stage for attendees to share their challenges with peers and where they could actively embrace work-life balance.


Attendees completed an online survey about the Power Trip. Following is a sampling of results and verbatim comments, chief among them: 100 percent say they would recommend the Power Trip to a colleague.

An overwhelming 97 percent of guests experienced this event as “exceptional.” Eighty percent of attendees said this professional development opportunity “fully exceeded their expectations,” with 10 percent rating it as “mostly exceeding expectations.” 

“The Power Trip was amazing. It started me on a path of self-discovery in terms of the impact of being a leader on my health. Since I have been home, I have more carefully monitored my eating, exercise, and emotional well-being. I have respected myself enough to set and enforce boundaries, especially when it involves my family time and professional learning time.”


“I loved the Power Trip. I am in a better mind space to begin the school year. It has improved my outlook and my leadership. I was able to immediately implement what I learned or realized. I am more reflective and less reactive as a result. Thank you so much for seeing a need then meeting it.”


“This was an extraordinary conference. I hope to have the opportunity to return. I feel so honored to have been able to participate. Thank you for the opportunity.”


The 2019 Power Trip agenda, covered by experts in each field, ranged from communication styles to thorny ethical issues to practical well-being strategies, among other topics. Presentations and discussions stressed leadership skills and work-life balance. Three-fifths of participants felt the topics were exceptionally relevant.

Recreational, relaxation, and group activities varied from familiar ones like birding, boat cruises, yoga, and hiking to more novel experiences like crystal bowl sound bathing.  Many were activities that attendees could engage in for health and improved quality of life when they returned home. Ninety-three percent of guests rated the activities as “great, a wonderful selection.”

“It’s a rare experience to be among such brilliant passionate people who have their heads and hearts in the right places when it comes to transforming the future.”
Big Deal Media PowerTrip
“I had a wonderful time and made new friends and colleagues. I appreciated the opportunity to meet talented women who willingly shared their experiences.”
Big Deal Media PowerTrip